About Autostraddle.com


Autostraddle, the world’s most popular independently-owned lesbian website, is the winner of The 2012 Bloggies’ Weblog of the Year Award and a two-time GLAAD Award nominee, in 2013 and 2014, for “Outstanding Blog.”

Unveiled in the spring of 2009, Autostraddle has rapidly staked its claim as a revolutionary online destination and powerful brand for lesbian, bisexual and otherwise-inclined ladies. Autostraddle aims to build community, report breaking news, promote talented artists, and support progressive activists. Autostraddle is pioneering a much-needed honest and intelligent feminist voice for a new generation of powerful women desiring a greater role in the mainstream cultural conversation.

Autostraddle changes the web as we know it with emblematic style. Its articles, videos, interviews, recaps, roundtables and photoblogs cover topics including television, news & politics, crafting, fashion, herstory, music, technology, business, travel and more.